General terms

These General Conditions represent a legally binding agreement between the Client and the Translator/Interpreter regarding the services supplied by the Translator/Interpreter.

The Translator/Interpreter will provide the services according to his quality standards, translating the texts with his specialist glossaries or glossaries supplied by the Client. The Translator/Interpreter is allowed to cooperate with other translators (carefully selected) for the performance of his services.

All the changes in the original text must be immediately presented to the Translator/Interpreter. The Translator/Interpreter will not be held liable for delays due to the late or wrong delivery of the text by the Client.

The Client must check the correct performance of the translation. No complaint will be taken into consideration, if the Translator/Interpreter does not receive a written communication (with all details of the complained parts) by the Client within 7 days from the translation delivery. The Translator/Interpreter will undertake to correct every translation, spelling and grammar mistake free of charge. After 7 days, the translation will be considered accepted and the Client may not exercise any right above-mentioned. If the Translator/Interpreter removes the mistakes of the translation, the Client will not have any right to discounts or changes of the Contract. The Translator/Interpreter shall not be liable for mistakes due to the unreadable and incomplete texts.

Prices and terms
The assignment will be accepted only if given by letter or written confirmation. The translation of a text for publication will be accepted only by a specific contract. All the services will be carried out by the Translator/Interpreter according to the terms and prices given in the written confirmation. The Translator/Interpreter reserves the right to change the prices and /or delivery terms, by prior notice to the Client, upon receipt of the text to be translated. The prices of the translations will be calculated on the basis of a page (1500 characters including spaces). For publication, it will be considered a page of 1800 characters including spaces. For sworn translations, the page is equivalent to 1250 characters including spaces. The minimum fee corresponds to a page. The Translator/Interpreter shall reserve the right to calculate his fee for translations with different criteria (all-in price, price per word).The business interpreting services will be carry out on a hourly rate basis. The minimum fee is referred to 3 hours. Should the interpretation take place outside the Translator/Interpreter’s place of residence, the Client must pay the Translator/Interpreter, in addition to his fee, accommodation and travel costs.

The estimate of the Translator/Interpreter is valid for 30 days.

Terms of payment
The Client will forward the Translator/Interpreter all the material useful for the translation within the date reported in the written confirmation. The Translator/Interpreter will undertake to send the translation according to the agreed terms. A small delay gives the Client no right to rescind this Contract.

The Translator/Interpreter’s fee for the supplied services must be paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice. In the event of a delay in payment, the Translator/Interpreter will reserve the right to charge interests at the official rate.

Limits of liability
The Translator/Interpreter will shoulder no liability for any damage, direct or indirect, or claim made against the Client by third parties, arising out of the services carried out by the Translator/Interpreter. The Client undertakes to hold harmless the Translator/Interpreter from any liability and/or compensation request by third parties. The Translator/Interpreter will not be liable for damages or deferred delivery of the translation due to interruptions/anomalies of telephone, network and post services or for force majeure.

The Translator/Interpreter shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the original documents. The Client must forward copies of the original documents or take out an insurance policy to cover possible damages. The Translator/Interpreter shall not be held liable for infringements of copyright through the translation. The Translator/Interpreter shall reserve the right to decline an assignment or rescind the Contract if the material supplied by the Client infringes laws, copyrights or industrial property rights. The Translator/Interpreter shall not be liable for damages of the documents translated due to virus. The Client must provide himself with anti-virus softwares.

Anyway the liability is limited to the value of the service reported on the invoice regardless of the kind of the damage.

The Client has the right to make use of the translation after the payment. The Translator/Interpreter owns the copyright of the translation. If the translation is published, the Translator’s name must be mentioned in the published texts.

All texts are treated as confidential. The Translator/Interpreter undertakes to observe an absolute secrecy concerning all information submitted by the Client. The Translator/Interpreter will not disclose Client’s information to third parties, without the prior consent of the Client, except for the Translator’s cooperators.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
This Contract is subject to Italian law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes between the Translator/Interpreter and the Client arising out of or in connection with the present Contract shall be that of Translator/Interpreter’s place of residence.